About Artisan Wood Creations

Terry is a carpenter by trade and has always had a passion for wood and creating.

After a serious illness and the necessity to make some life changes, he began making objects from reclaimed wood.  Having worked on very old properties and being passionate about reusing old beams and floor boards he starting creating lamps, vases and mirrors.

 He was also approached by local restaurants to make platters and boards.  He leaves as much as possible of the original features of the wood, including old handmade nails, and works with the form as it is instead of trying to recreate. He enhances the natural form of the wood with pebbles, leather, slate and glass to emphasize its natural beauty. 


His designs are original and every piece is different from the other. The uniqueness of his creations has been very successful at the craft events we have and still attend. We are looking forward to promoting his work with this website and to perhaps meet you at a future event. 


 Terry is happy to make custom items to client specification and is always willing to discuss the best design option to meet requirements.

Custom Made

Please contact Artisan Wood Creations with your ideas and requirements.

 We are always happy to discuss bespoke and custom made items.